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android course in chennai

I did the Android app development course at Web D School & I must say the teaching was excellent. The trainer had 5+ years of production experience & he taught with many simple projects, which was easy to understand. It was an advanced level training program & they prepared us well for the interview too.

-S.Prasanna Venkatesh ( Android Course )

Best Android training institute in Chennai - Course details

Android course @ Web D School

Our Android training program can be considered as an Android developer course for beginners, as we start our teaching right from the basics. Apart from teaching the technicalities, we help the students go through the entire process of an Android app development during the training course, which could be -

  • Conceptualizing - Defining the functionalities of the app
  • Wire framing - Making the blueprint of the app structure
  • Designing - User interface designing
  • Development - Developing a prototype with coding
  • Testing - Checking for errors
  • Market submission - Uploading the app onto the Android market
  • Promotion - Reaching out to the target customers

We, at Web D School, offer the best mobile apps training in Chennai as we hire professionals from the industry to teach Android app development course to our students, which would be highly beneficial for them in terms of getting to learn the latest trends followed by the production companies today. We help our students with a final project in developing an android app, which would help them in showcasing their skills to the prospective employers.

There are many institutes that offer Android development classes in Chennai, but Web D School has marched ahead of all of them to become the best android training institute in Chennai, by offering the best training coupled with numerous value additions.

Android developer course syllabus

  • Introduction to Java
  • OOPS refreshing concept

  • Introduction to Android
  • What is Android?
  • History of Android
  • Android versions - History
  • Introduction to Android Apps Development TOOL
  • What is Activity?
  • Developing a Simple Android Log In screen UI design
  • Types of Layouts in Android
  • Introduction to Android Java class file & its structure.

  • Creating a simple Toast Message Application on click of a button
  • What is Android Virtual device (AVD)?
  • How to create Android Virtual Device (AVD)?
  • How to run our App on our own Android device?
  • Android Activity Lifecycle
  • Android Menus
  • Creating Alert dialog box in Android
  • Basic widgets in android, Creating a Simple user registration page UI
  • Getting data from widgets
  • Intents
  • Creating a new Activity
  • Passing Data between Activities
  • Webview
  • What is Android Manifest file?
  • What is build gradle file?
  • Date and Time picker
  • Playing Audio and Video in android
  • Listview, gridview, Spinner
  • Turn on WiFi, Bluetooth programmatically
  • Sending SMS and Mail programmatically
  • StartActivity for result, Types of Intents
  • Creating Notifications in Android
  • Animation in android
  • Sensors in android
  • Basic Components of Android
  • Activity
  • Intent
  • Broadcast Receiver
  • Services
  • Content Provider

  • Effective usage of Android Templates
  • Shared Preferences
  • Internal and External storage
  • Android Fragments, Creating Navigation drawer and loading different fragments on clicking different menu item.
  • SQLite Database, CRUD operations with it
  • Creating a Login and Sign Up Application using SQLite Database
  • Finding the current location using Google maps
  • JSON, Asynctask, HTTP classes
  • How to import and Export codes, How to use Third party library projects and integrating it to our App
  • Working with GitHub codes
  • Procedures to launch your App on Play store.

Career Opportunities

Course Duration

Android course fee details
Lumpsum fees - Rs.20600 + 18% GST = Rs 24308/-

This Android training in Chennai, at Web D School, will make you a professional app developer & it shall open a lot of doors for you, in terms of career options, in the android app development field.

Please call us at 9791333350 to get more details about our Android app development training in Chennai or kindly contact us through our enquiry form.

Getting started - Why should you learn Android app development?

Apps have become an integral part of our everyday lives, where most people have begun to purchase even groceries & vegetables using mobile applications. Mobile application development may be the hottest career today, due to the phenomenal amount of apps being built from all parts of the world. Especially, Android developers are in huge demand today , as Android makes for almost 80% of the mobile phone operating system market. So, pursuing mobile technology courses in Chennai can be the assured path to success for interested students, but you must choose the best android training institute in Chennai – one among them being Web D School.

Top student queries - Subject

Android app development is not as difficult as many people think. Google, in order to make the Android operating system the most popular one, is constantly working towards making the development process as simple as possible. So, once the student gets the conceptual principles of developing an android app, the learning becomes much easier.

A strong analytical mind, Passion for the subject & basic computer knowledge are the only prerequisites before you enroll with us for Android app development course. Our Android training curriculum has been framed in such a way, that the students are taught from the fundamentals & our trainers cover every step in detail. So, you can definitely do the course without knowing anything about it beforehand.

Yes. Its extremely important to keep close track of the latest trends being followed in the industry & make the relevant changes in the curriculum as well. As mentioned earlier, Google keeps updating the Android operating system & it is our responsibility to upgrade the course too, in order to keep our students up to date in the subject.

Extremely important, although you don’t have to know entire Java programming to learn Android app development, but few concepts will do. To develop android apps, you should have a good understanding of object oriented programming concepts in java, especially inheritance, how to use interfaces etc.

Yes. Although prior training in Java will definitely make the learning curve of Android much simpler as these students will grasp the concept of app development in lesser time, we cannot expect all the aspiring students to have the knowledge of Java. So we have included the required segments of Java in our Android app development course curriculum, thus making it feasible for students without Java knowledge also to pursue the course.

Every company, which operates in the digital space, is branching out into Android app development as a parallel domain, thus making the demand for Android app developers very high. To name a few verticals as career option for web-designers – Ecommerce, Elearning, App development studios, Game development companies, Internet content providing companies, Epublishing, Marketing firms, IT companies & all the new-age companies.

Apps have become an integral part of every person’s life today & their reach as well as its utility has been ever rising. Thousands of new jobs in the field are getting created every day & so, the demand for Android professionals is really huge now.

Top student queries - General

We provide 100% placement assistance & our placement record is 100% too. We are very proud of the fact all our students are well placed now in top-level companies today. We receive a lot of job openings from various companies on a daily basis, & we keep sending the students for several interviews until they get a good offer.

We offer numerous value additions along with the course, which no other institute in Chennai can even think about. Some of our highlights are – Free Internship programs, Live projects, Regular seminars / workshops for students, Our own Emagazine run by students & staff, Student assessment programs, Unlimited lab hours, Exclusive student portal, Reference books, Library videos for reference etc.

We have a portal exclusively for our students which has features like Ebooks, Reference videos, Online exams, Student assessments, Attendance report, Job opening details etc. Our students are given a Login ID & password using which they can access all these useful information during the course period.

Although its totally your choice, we can say this much – Never postpone a learning opportunity, because it may never present itself again. Always remember that any learning is an investment & it will pay rich dividends at the right time. If you have decided to learn something, do it NOW!

Android training course fees in Chennai ranges between 15000-25000, but you must not consider the fees as an important factor, but select the best android training institute in Chennai, which can create excellent career opportunities for you. To know our exact android training course fees, we request you to contact us at 9791333350 or visit us directly.

We maintain 100% placement record for the past 2 years at Web D School, and we offer full-fledged placement support for students taking mobile apps training.

Google developer certification or Associate android developer certifications are provided by Google themselves, where you have to appear for an online exam & clear it. We can definitely offer more guidance regarding the google android certification exam when you are nearing the completion of your android training program with us.

Yes, we offer android developer course online. Kindly mail us @ to know more details about the android development online courses.

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