UI UX Designer + UI Developer Course in Chennai

I started my course without any high-level knowledge about UI/UX and was immensely satisfied with the way they guided me with necessary topics covered in my course syllabus and also the way they practically showed how and where to implement it in a Website.

-Supraja.B (UI/UX Design)

UI UX Designer + UI Developer Course

Getting started – Why should you learn UI UX designing/development?

UX Design refers to the term User Experience Design, while UI Design stands for User Interface Design & both these components are extremely crucial to any website or app. UI UX professionals are responsible for the best possible ‘look & feel’ as well as the smooth functionalities of a site. UI UX Designer / Developer is the one of the hottest careers in India, as the companies have now realized its importance.

What is User Experience (UX) design?

User experience design is the complete process of enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by increasing the usability, ease of use, and preference provided in the interaction between the customer and the product. The various activities to be carried out by a UX designer would be - Competitor / Customer Analysis, Product Building, Content Development, Wire framing, Prototyping, Assessment/Iteration, Progress Planning, Coordination with Developers, Tracking Goals and Integration, Analysis etc.

What is User Interface (UI) design?

User Interface Design is a process of visually directing the user through a product’s interface through interactive elements and across all sizes/platforms. Enhancing the Look & Feel as well as its Responsiveness & Interactivity can be the main role of an UI designer. The various activities to be carried out by a UX designer would be - Customer Analysis, Design planning, Branding and Graphic development, UI Prototyping, Interactivity and animation, Adaptation to all device screen size, Coordination with developers etc.

What is User Interface (UI) development?

UI development refers to writing the actual code and scripts that take a web design and bring it to digital life. UI developers use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other client side technologies to build the website, as they focus on how a website works, how actions can be performed on the page, and how to make all those invisible things in the websites actually work.

UI UX designer / developer course @ Web D School

Our UI UX designer / developer training program has been created in such a holistic manner that it makes the students learn every stage of the course using a real project, thus making him/her a thorough professional at the end. There are many institutes that offer UI UX designer training in Chennai, but Web D School has marched ahead of all of them to become the No.1 institute, by offering the best quality training coupled with numerous value additions.

Few things about us that you should know


Unlimited Lab Hours - No restrictions on lab hours as we allow you to practice for long hours on all 7 days in a week.

eBooks / Library Videos - Exclusive reference material for our students (only for select courses).

Student Assessment - We conduct regular assessment of Students works to understand their progress. Check our student works here to know our training standards.

Dedicated Placement Cell - It takes care of everything related to placement like Creating a good resume, Sharing interview tips, Conducting mock-up interviews, Scheduling interviews etc. Check our placement record here.

Saturday events - We conduct a seminar / contest / workshop every Saturday to increase the all-round knowledge of our students. Check our recent events here.

Portfolio Development - An excellent final project helps in securing a good job, & we provide our fullest support to the students in developing a fine portfolio.

Excellent Experience - We strive for excellence in everything we do & want all our students to have a delightful experience studying with us. Check their experience at Web D School here.

UI / UX Training Modules

  • Introduction to User eXperience
  • Design Thinking
  • Researching & Understanding the User Experience Design
    • Developing a User - Research Plan
    • Various user Research Techniques
    • Creating Scenarios and Storyboards
  • Understanding Process Models
    • Waterfall Process Model
    • Agile Process Model
    • Scrum Agile Process Model
  • Organizing Information
    • Creating an effective content strategy for a website
    • Creating Information Architecture
    • Designing user flows
    • Creating sitemaps
  • Usability Testing
    • Conducting usability testing sessions
    • Building a research evaluation toolkit
  • Assessment – the student will be given a project for which he/she will have to create a UX design, showing the flow of the given project.

    Projects: An ecommerce site / A ticket booking site / Online Recharge Site

  • Creating Personas
  • Role, Requirement & ROI
  • Visualizing and Designing the Interface
  • Navigational Models
  • Sketching, Wireframing, Prototyping & Visual Design
  • Sketching and Workflows
  • Error Handling
  • Understanding and working with the Grid System
  • Creating Wireframes & Communicating element hierarchy
  • Importance of margins, spacing, text size, layout
  • Creating style guides
  • UX Deliverables / Checklist
  • Assessment – the student will have to create a wireframe and storyboard, for various display sizes for the UX design created in the previous Module.

  • MindMeister - Online Tool to Create Information Architecture
  • Balsamiq - Online Tool for Creating Sketches Easily
  • Wireframe - Online Tool for Creating Wireframes Easily
  • InVision - Online Tool for Creating Clickable Prototye & Testing
  • UXPin - Online Tool for Creating Clickable Prototye & Testing
  • Adobe eXperience Design
  • A complete walkthrough of how to use Apple Mac System
  • Assessment – the student will have to create a wireframe and test for usability issues, and make any modifications to the design if necessary.

  • Using Illustrator and Photoshop to create Storyboards
  • Final Wireframe Design with Illustrator and Photoshop
  • User Interface Design Principles
  • Visual Concept Development
  • Working on different types of Color Scheme’s
  • Exploring Photoshop & Illustrator for Visual’s and Designs
  • Creating Reusable Elements, UI Kits, Image Widgets and Image Sprites
  • UI patterns for targeted platform
  • Google Material Design Concepts / Guidelines
  • Creating Mockups
  • Assessment – the student will have to create a full template with colors and UI kit for various display sizes as the assets completed in Module Two

  • Understanding and Working with IDE
  • HTML Fundamentals Introduction
  • Introduction to Tags / Elements / Attributes
  • Working with Inline and Block Level Elements
  • Inserting Images / Links and its Attributes
  • Working with Lists / Tables
  • Working with HTML5 Form Elements
  • Understanding Div and HTML5 Semantic Elements
  • Introducing CSS3
  • Understanding CSS Rules
  • Working with CSS Selectors
  • Understanding CSS Fonts & Typography
  • Working with Text Effects
  • Pseudo Classes
  • CSS Color & Positioning
  • Working with Borders, backgrounds & Gradients
  • Working with Media Queries & Creating Responsive Websites
  • CSS3 2D & 3D Transforms
  • CSS3 Transitions & Animations
  • Introducing Bootstrap & Classes
  • Bootstrap Grid System & Terminologies
  • Bootstrap Text / Typography
  • Glyphicons / Font Awesome
  • Bootstrap Images / Jumbotron
  • Bootstrap Buttons
  • Bootstrap Glyphicons
  • Bootstrap Forms
  • Navigation / Modals / Carousel / Scrollspy
  • Responsive front-end framework based on Material Design
  • Introducing JavaScript
  • Variables, Conditions / Control Statements
  • Inbuilt Functions / User Defined Functions
  • Arrays & Array Functions
  • Form Validation / Regular Expression
  • Loops
  • Control Structures
  • DOM Manipulation
  • Window Methods
  • Events ( Mouse / Keyboard )
  • Loading Data from JSON
  • jQuery Introduction
  • jQuery Selectors
  • jQuery Events
  • jQuery Effects
  • jQuery Traversing
  • jQuery Filtering
  • jQuery UI Components
  • Handling Mouse Events & Keyboard Events
  • Assessment – the student will have to create a full functioning design of the website / app as the template created in Module Three

    Final Project : Student will have to create a complete project on their own on any of the given topics

  • Overview of the commonly used APIs in HTML5
  • Creating Native Apps Phonegap Cordova
  • Managing App
  • Managing Platforms
  • Compiling the App & Installing it to your Smart Phone
  • Final Project : the student will have to compile and install the app created using HTML / CSS / JavaScript & other frameworks...

Not many institutes have such an extensive assessment plan, as it’s time consuming & needs a lot of well-coordinated effort to conduct them. But Web D School is not like other institutes & we understand how important such assessment of learning outcomes are, for the students. We conduct periodical assessments & the results will be evaluated to identify ways to enhance the training environment and improve student skills.

UI / UX Design & Development Course Assessment

Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator
Practical Assessment - 1 Create a Sketch for an App - ( Online Ticket Booking App / Banking App / Restaurant App )
Practical Assessment - 2 Create a Wireframe for an App - ( Online Ticket Booking App / Banking App / Restaurant App )
Practical Assessment - 3 Create a Template for an App - ( Online Ticket Booking App / Banking App / Restaurant App )
Online Test Q & A Type / 50 Marks / 2 Hrs

Practical Assessment - 1 PSD to HTML Conversion - Creating a Non Responsive site
Practical Assessment - 2 PSD to HTML Conversion - Creating a Responsive site using Media Query
Online Test Q & A Type / 50 Marks / 2 Hrs

Practical Assessment - 1 Creating a Responsive Site

JavaScript / jQuery
Practical Assessment - 1 Form Validation
Online Test Q & A Type / 50 Marks / 2 Hrs

Final Assessment
Full Course Online Test - 50 Marks / 2 Hrs
Final Portfolio Development - Student Showreel Correction
Mockup Job Interview

Skill Enhancement Sessions - UI / UX Designing Module

  • Creating GIF Animation
  • Creating Infographic for Motion Graphics
  • Manual Product Packaging ( Craft )
  • Introduction to Digital / Matte Painting
  • Live Photography & Retouching Workshop
  • Basic Audio & Video Editing Process
  • Pencil Sketching Workshop
  • HTML eMail Creation
  • SEO Basics
  • Working with Various Animation Frameworks in CSS
    ( Animate.CSS / Bounce.CSS / Hover.CSS / CSShake.CSS )
  • Ajax Principles
  • Introduction to AngularJS
Kindly Note these skill enhancement topics are not part of the curriculum & they are subject to change from time to time. Web D School covers these topics as Seminars / Workshop & the students can attend them to gain the additional knowledge, if they are interested.

The UI UX courses in Chennai, at Web D School, will make you a professional designer/developer & it shall open a lot of doors for you, in terms of career options, in the web field.

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