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Best Institute

Learn Only From The Best!

Choosing the right training institute is the toughest decision faced by today’s aspiring students who want to build a career in the fields of Graphic designing, Web designing, Web development & SEO. We list out 5 important reasons why Web D School is the best institute in Chennai for these courses. Exclusive focus – While most of the institutes have a minimum of 10-12 courses in their portfolio, Web D School offers training only in Graphic design, Web design, Web development & SEO. This exclusivity of ours is a big advantage for our students, as our entire focus would be only on the select few courses. Expert trainers – Trainers at Web D School have rich production experience and have trained more than 500 students between them so far. We also arrange experts from the production field to conduct seminars and workshops for the students on a regular basis to give first-hand knowledge about the workings of the industry. Real time projects– Web D School is tied up with few production companies from the industry & get outsourced projects from them on a periodical basis. Skilled students would be allowed to work on these projects under the supervision of the trainer, which would give them an excellent experience about the industry. Free Internship programs – Web D School also arranges free internship to students, who excel in their training program, during the course period itself. This internship experience will give them a huge edge over other students, when they go for interviews in big organizations. 100% placement assistance – Many institutes claim to have 100% placements, but very few mean it & Web D School is among them. We have a separate team for placements, whose responsibility is to assess the student’s Job readiness, prepare him/her for the interview & arrange as many interviews as possible, until he/she gets a good job. Systematic approach to training programs, Supportive staff, Production based curriculum, Unlimited practical hours, Flexible theory sessions are other advantages that Web D School offers to its students. By offering best quality education, we pass on maximum possible knowledge to our students and make them experts in their chosen field....

Best Institute

How to choose the best institute?

Choosing the best institute to learn the course you are interested in is the key to your career success. If you make the mistake of choosing a substandard institute, where the teaching standards are below par, then not only does your job opportunities get affected, but also your confidence level would become very low, & you may lose interest in the field altogether. But there are so many training centers in the city & it’s not easy to decide upon the best institute; so, we have listed certain factors that you should consider before zeroing in on the best training facility. 1 Website – The website of the institute, in most cases, would mirror their standards too. Any professional organization would have a professional website, & you can assess their values to a large extent by looking at their website. 2 Infrastructure – All good companies will have a decent infrastructure. It may not be huge or have any fancy things in the reception, but it should look neat & must radiate a positive feeling. Like website, the infrastructure of the institute will also represent their quality. 3 Ratings, Reviews, Testimonials, Word of mouth etc. – This is the most important factor, as word-of-mouth reveals a lot about the company & their services. Do a thorough research about them in Google & Social media before making the final decision. 4 Curriculum – Check their curriculum & confirm if it’s an updated one, keeping up with the current industry trend. Look for institutes that are offering more content, as far as the course curriculum goes. 5 Practical sessions – Practical sessions are the most important for your learning, whatever course you want to do. Check if the institute has a spacious lab & enough number of good configuration systems. You must give preference to those institutes that offers unlimited lab hours, as practicing for more hours under the supervision of a trainer will make a big difference to your overall learning. 6 Value additions – Always choose the institute that offers most value additions (co-curricular activities), as it would give a student an all-round edge. Value additions may be Placement assistance, Seminars, Events/Contests, Company visits etc. Now there are 2 factors that you should NOT consider while choosing an institute to pursue the course you are interested in - Fees – Always remember that Quality comes with a cost. Never choose an ordinary institute over a better one just because it offers the course for few thousands less. You may save few thousands today by choosing an inferior institute, but what you lose in the long term will be extremely high. Distance – Don’t make the mistake of only looking for those institutes located nearby your house, as you might lose out on good ones situated a little far. Be prepared for the little inconvenience of travelling a few kilometres in traffic for few months, in order to learn from the best center. This little difficulty you suffer for a short duration will pay rich dividends in future, if you get...

website design

5 reasons why you should learn Responsive Website Designing

According to Wiki, Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). In other words, a responsive website would change its alignment, by using HTML & CSS to resize, shrink, hide, enlarge or move the content, according to the device on which its viewed, in order to make the site look good on any screen. Today, having a responsive website is essential for any business because of the several advantages it offers, & hence it becomes important for the students to pursue a web designing course that teaches responsive website design too. Lets just take a look at the 5 most important reasons why you should learn responsive website designing – Rising mobile usage Its becoming increasing difficult to spot a person without a smart phone today, & almost 60% of website traffic is coming through mobile devices. Mobile phones have become the prime gadget to access the web & so it only makes sense to make a website that will look good in the mobile device in order to target those massive number of audience. Improved search engine rankings A website is the most important marketing tool of modern companies today, with SEO (search engine optimization) proving to be extremely helpful in the website gaining more visitors & consequently more business. In recent times, Google has started to reward those websites that are responsive with higher rankings in their search engine results, thus underlining the importance of responsive web design in its own way. Social media optimization Social media is the current rage & almost 75% of social media consumption now happens on mobile devices. So when you are sharing links from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus to your website, it is mandatory that your site is responsive in order to make it look good to view from the mobile device. So if your company has a social media presence and want to use the power of social sharing of your website’s content, build a responsive site. Better user experience There could be many business reasons to build a responsive website, but they all boil down to the objective of providing a better user experience for your visitors. If you have a responsive site, it means no pinching and zooming, no side scrolling to view the full site that doesn't align properly on the phone screen of your visitors. Remember that a better user experience helps in reduced bounce rates, increased brand identity and improved conversion rates Future Scalability  The best thing about a responsive website is that it is made to support even those devices and screens of different dimensions that would be made in future. Consider those gadgets in pipeline like the smart watches, and Google Glass, and various new devices being built for internet viewing; a responsive web design built today will work for them too. We have just mentioned the...

Interview Questions

Top 25 Interview Questions for Web Designing

What are the new elements in HTML5? What is the difference between “container” & “container-fluid” in bootstrap? How to create multi-column layouts using CSS? What is the difference “display:none” & “visibility:hidden” in CSS? What are the new form element types in HTML5? How would you differentiate “id” and “class” selector in CSS? How do you indicate the character set being used by an HTML5 document? How does this differ from older HTML standards? Describe what a “reset” CSS file does and how it’s useful. What are CSS sprites, and how you would implement them on a page or site? What are vendor prefixes? What is z-index attribute and how is it used? What is the default value of z-index? What are media-queries? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a CSS framework such as Bootstrap? How many H1 tags can you have on a single web page? Does having more than make any difference? What are the different objects used in JavaScript? What is “this” keyword in JavaScript? What is a grid system? How many different media queries are used by the Bootstrap grid system by default? What is the use of document object model? What is the difference between == and === in JavaScript? Which is the function that is called to validate data in JavaScript? How do you focus a particular part of the HTML page in JavaScript? How is everything treated in HTML Document Object Model? What are regular expressions in JavaScript used for? What are the set of plug-ins available in jQuery UI? ...


5 tips to give your Designing Career a Flying Start

Graphic/Web designing training is a very popular course that more people with creative skills take up nowadays, but the hard thing is to start your career with a great job. We will share with you 4 tips that might give you good directions in starting off with a good career. Tip 1 – Learn ONLY from the best            Once you have decided to make a career in the field of Graphic / Web designing, the first thing you ensure is that you gain the necessary knowledge (or) the right training from the best place. There are hundreds of training institutes that claims to be the best & they try to attract aspiring students with huge discounts, free gifts etc. So, be fully prepared to conduct a thorough research abt the institute, their teaching standards, their placement records etc before committing yourself to the course. Never ever compromise on the quality of the education, especially for the sake of saving few thousands or avoiding the travel of few extra kilometres. Remember that this is a solid investment you are getting into & how much ever you earn in the next 30-35 years is going to be based on the few months you are going to spend there. Tip 2 – Join relevant communities & forums            Allow the professional web designers to be your “godfathers” by joining in relevant forums & communities, where you can share your work-related issues, ask questions, request for solutions, seek guidance in a project. Just absorb as much as knowledge from the old-timers’ experience & learn the nuances of the creative process, which not many institutes can teach. Tip 3 – Practice, practice & more practice            Practice makes perfect – this universal truth is the secret behind all successful persons from any field. You have to practice most of the time while studying the course and see the world like a designer would see it, i.e. capturing all the interesting information and transforming it into design. Theories are important to understand the software & their functionalities, but it is those practical sessions, which actually converts you into a professional designer. So, with more practice, more professional you become. Tip 4 – A good portfolio            Before getting the dream job in the designing field, you will need a solid portfolio, which is nothing but a showcase of all your student works and projects (only the completed ones). The Graphic/Web designer degree might help a bit, but potential employers would like to see your skills before they short-list you for an interview. We recommend that you create a blog (or) a personal site (or) a microsite, where you can post all your good works showcasing your skills in designing, interface creation & functionalities. Whenever a client/employer wants to see your portfolio, you can just send him the link of this page. A good portfolio plays a big role in bagging you an interview from a reputed company. Tip 5 –...

Design Principles

7 Elements of Graphic Designing

There are 7 specific design principles you should try to follow whenever you are creating a graphic design. These elements or principles can help you create wonderful layouts that are both effective and pleasing to the eye. They can also teach you to communicate a visually better message to your target audience through your designs. Line Lines, in graphic design, can be used for a wide range of purposes: connecting content, stressing a word or phrase, forming patterns etc. Lines can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal, circular, patterned, free form or solid. They are used as roadmaps to direct the viewer’s eye movements. If you use trees for example, which are standing straight up (vertical), there is no movement felt by the viewer. On the other hand if you have the trees bent at an angle this will make the viewer feel motion and a sense of movement. Shape The three basic types of shapes are Geometric (Circles, Squares, Triangles etc.), Natural (leaves, mountains, people etc.) and abstract (icons, stylizations and graphic representations). They give volume to the forms in a design. You don't always have to use similar shapes in your design work; instead you can mix it up and put them together making sure that the placement of them keeps your piece balanced. Sometimes adding just a small shape to a blank area will make the piece look more balanced. Colour People process color in the artwork subconsciously. Colour is used to generate emotions, define significance, create graphic interest and unify branding. To establish mood, build appeal, create interest and get a message across, color is the most powerful tool in your graphic design arsenal. The Color Wheel is a great tool for a graphic designing artist and you will use it repeatedly to create a great piece of artwork. If you are looking for a digital marketing course in Chennai, click here Texture Texture relates to the surface of an object, where it creates an illusion of a surface that is not flat or smooth. By using texture, we can add depth and visual interest in graphic design. It enhances a sense of feel, especially with two-dimensional images. In graphic design, texture can take the form of layers or progression of text, lines or shapes, which can be applied in the form of pattern or through the choice of printable surface. Size The functionality of a graphic design layout centers heavily on this element - size. In graphic design, size is used to express importance, draw attention and create contrast. People generally use size to attract attention to the most important part in the design; typically, a larger sized object or form attracts the most eyeballs inside an artwork. Also, different sizes within the same graphic design or layout create a order of dominance. So, you must learn to use variations in size to guide the observer's eye through the track you want it to take. Value How light or dark an area looks in a design is termed as Value. It is everything from the blackest of blacks through to the lightest of...


5 Most Important Interview Tips

Interviewing is a learned skill, and there are no second chances to make a great first impression. So get these 5 things right before & during the interview and the dream job will be all yours. Conduct research on the hiring company & job opportunity You must spend a good amount of time to conduct research about the hiring company & the requirements of the job. Information sources include the company’s website, other published materials, search engines, research tools, and your own network of contacts. Review common interview questions & prepare responses Another key to succeed in interviews is by preparing responses to expected general interview questions. Your objective is to compose detailed yet concise responses, focusing on specific examples and achievements. Please don’t memorize responses (they will make you look phony), but keep a mental note on few important talking points. Dress well Wear good clothing that fits you well and is clean and pressed. Keep accessories and jewelry to a minimum. Try not to smoke or eat right before the interview — and if possible, brush your teeth or use mouthwash. Don’t talk too much Talking more than necessary in order to please the interviewer could be a huge mistake. During the interview, when you realize that you are just rambling while answering a question, take a pause to think of a better response & then go on. Keep your answers concise; yet try to give all the necessary details reg the question. Ask insightful questions Employers make a judgment about an applicant’s interest in the job by whether or not the interviewee asks any insightful questions about the job, work culture etc. So, be a smart job seeker by preparing questions to ask after the interview, & you can add any additional queries that might arise from the interview. But don’t over do it by asking more than 2-3 questions. Finally, succeeding in job interviews takes a lot of research, practice, and persistence. The more effort you put into your interview preparation, the more success you’ll see in getting excellent job offers — especially if you remember and follow these 5 job interviewing tips....


Advantages of PHP Scripting Language

There are various scripting languages used to building applications, but knowledge of PHP is one of the most in-demand skills that most developers should have. These are some of the best reasons developers should choose PHP scripting language. 1: Free Unlike other scripting languages, PHP is 100% free for anyone to use. There are no licenses, restrictions, or royalty fees involved at all. Keeping costs down is a goal of any business and PHP scores high in this all-important factor too. 2: Support Since PHP is so popular and widely used, finding support or documentation online is very easy. There are so many forums, communities & discussion boards providing support to the developers working in PHP. 3: Freedom As PHP is open source, the freedom level is going to be very high as well. If you want to develop applications with ASPX, you are going to be restricted to Microsoft Visual Studio, whereas you can use any text editor in order to code PHP such as Notebook++, jEdit, Emacs, Bluefish, or even just Notepad. 4: Easy to learn PHP scripting is the easiest scripting language to learn and this is partially due to the similarities PHP syntax has with C and Java. A student with some basic knowledge about HTML can easily learn PHP language in a short duration. 5: Frameworks There are so many important PHP frameworks like YII, CodeIgniter, Zend, Cakephp, Symfony etc, which are extremely helpful to the developers in many aspects. Be it session management, database access libraries, or code reuse, you will have no problem finding PHP frameworks to give you a helping hand. If you are looking to get PHP training in Chennai, don’t look anywhere beyond us – Web D School....

android development

5 reasons why you should pursue a career in Android App Development

  “Android” has been the buzzword for entertainment for many youngsters over the years, but the word has taken a new dimension & it means another important thing today – Career. Lot of students are showing interest in learning Android app development & here are the 5 reasons why it’s an intelligent choice. SIMPLE LEARNING CURVE – Android is open-source, which makes it easier to obtain and practice. Although it requires basic understanding of Java & Oops concept, Android app development has a simple learning curve when compared to a lot of other coding software. The duration to learn Android app development course would ideally be anywhere between 60-80 hours. BACKING OF GOOGLE – Google is one of the biggest technology company in the world today & the top innovator in the web/mobile space. With the backing of such a technological giant, a career in Android app development appears a lot secure than many other top courses. NUMEROUS JOB OPPORTUNITIES – The Android OS is growing phenomenally in the mobile domain & in the near future Android application development might ecome the most demanded and sought after operating system. The Android applications platform promises a vast job potential not just in the field of IT, but also in hardware solutions too. EARLY BIRD ADVANTAGE – The job market for Android app development is gaining huge momentum, but there is a dearth of talent in the Android field. Very soon, in the near future, major companies will make a line looking for good Android development professionals. So, if someone is getting into the Android app development field today, they shall definitely have the ‘early bird’ advantage, where a lot of lucrative offers would come his/her way by the time he/she completes the course. FREELANCE WORK REVENUE MODEL – During their free time or maybe in weekends, the android professionals can create their own apps & upload them in Google Playstore. Even if a small percentage of the Android users download your app, the revenue that comes your way could be very big. There are 2 ways to earn through apps – App download model or Ad revenue model. With so many devices using Android today, the chances of earning a sizeable income through your apps (provided they are good & unique) are very high. So, for those who are planning to make a career in this great new domain, getting enrolled in a good training institute is very important as it will help them gather the requisite skills. ANDROID A...