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How to Create Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) – Infographic

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) are changing the landscape of the web world by increasing the page load speed for mobile users using a new coding language AMP HTML. Apart from boosting the page load speed, there are few more benefits of AMP like improved search engine ranking, ad support etc. We have created an infographic that shall guide you to create Google’s new accelerated mobile pages (AMP) which is a type of HTML, optimized for mobile web browsing, that makes web pages load faster. You can gain more valuable insights about AMP migration by going through the following link from Google support - Know more details about how AMP works in increasing the page load time here. Download AMP Sample Page here  ...

30 web design trends to watch in 2017 – Web D School

Web designing is constantly evolving with newer trends emerging almost every month & it is essential for designing professionals to keep themselves updated in order to be competitive. The following are the 30 most important & updated web design trends to watch out for in 2017, which we have put together after a lot of research.   1. Increased use of VR & 360 Video Everywhere we look, someone is speaking about Virtual reality, augmented reality etc & they have now come to rule the web designing world too. Today, a lot of reputed web browsers are working on support for WebVR, the open standard that makes it possible to experience VR in your browser.   2. Flat 2.0 Graphics Flat 2.0 is simpler to use as it combines the best of flat design with additional user interface cues to help you construct a website design that’s attractive and functional.   3. Long Scrolling Mobile Websites Long scrolling single-page websites are becoming extremely popular lately due to its simplicity & ease of use. Swiping a finger lets users to surf long scrolling sites with more control, precision, and offers immediate gratification than clicking through page-by-page navigations.   4. Innovative Scrolling & Parallax The parallax effect is now commonly seen as part of the scrolling feature of many web pages. It uses several backgrounds that appear to move at different speeds to create a sense of depth and an interesting browsing experience.   5. Cinemagraphs Cinemagraph could, well, be termed as the latest trend in web designing. It’s the crossover between image and video, with restrained movements that intrigue the onlookers but don’t distract from the message.   6. Increased use of Illustration & Hand Drawn Sketches Illustrations are being used commonly today in many websites as they give a cleaner, flatter & minimalistic look to the site. Apart from making the page look beautiful, sketches also convey & reflect individual styles.   7. Pure SVG Images The designers are using vector graphics a lot nowadays because they are easy to scale and reposition for any situation. From images to illustrations and background patterns, vectors are the apparent solution due to their natural flexibility.   8. Gradients & Vivid Colors Nowadays gradients and vivid colors are being applied in much more than just customary UI and web design, as many designers agree that they add individuality to the site. They are used on the web in bold manner, mixing highly saturated colors for extremely rich effects.   9. Card Design & Grid Layouts Cards are essentially little containers of information, with each card representing its own singular idea. A card can hold any type of content - illustrations, text, links, etc. - but all fall under a specific unified theme.   10. Ultra Minimalism An ultra-minimalist site is about stripping away all of the non-essential elements and components, and replacing them with whitespace. Typography, Color scheme, negative spacing, Pixel placements all play a big role in creating an ultra-minimalist website.   11. Videos with Sound Videos can be best used in a website to introduce the users to a product or service, & they can also enhance the user experience if properly integrated in the overall design.   12....

Why do we call ourselves the BEST?

Choosing the right training institute is the toughest decision faced by today’s aspiring students who want to build a career in the fields of Graphic designing, Web designing, Web development & SEO. We list out 5 important reasons why Web D School is the best institute in Chennai for these courses. Exclusive focus – While most of the institutes have a minimum of 10-12 courses in their portfolio, Web D School offers training only in Graphic design, Web design & development, Digital marketing / SEO & Android app development. This exclusivity of ours is a big advantage for our students, as our entire focus would be only on the select few courses. Topnotch training – Trainers at Web D School have rich production experience and have trained more than 2000 students between them so far. We also arrange experts from the production field to conduct seminars and workshops for the students on a regular basis to give first-hand knowledge about the workings of the industry. Unlimited lab hours – Practice makes perfect. As we understand that students gain more expertise while practicing under the guidance of our trainers, we allow them to practice for how much ever hours, as they want, in our computer lab. We are open on Sundays too, where the students are encouraged to come & practice. Free Internship programs – Web D School also arranges free internship to students, who excel in their training program, during the course period itself. This internship experience will give them a huge edge over other students, when they go for interviews in big organizations. 100% placement assistance – Many institutes claim to have 100% placements, but very few mean it & Web D School is one among them. We have a separate team for placements, whose responsibility is to assess the student’s Job readiness, prepare him/her for the interview & arrange as many interviews as possible, until he/she gets a good job. Systematic approach to training programs, Supportive staff, Production based curriculum, Real-time projects, Flexible theory sessions are other advantages that Web D School offers to its students. By offering best quality education, we pass on maximum possible knowledge to our students and make them experts in their chosen field....

A Great Career Awaits You!

Most students coming out of college do not have a proper choice when it comes to selecting a career. Many of them join the fields of BPO, Call Centre, Sales, Collection, Customer service etc without an option, but the big question is – Do they like what they are doing & where are they headed with their career? We would like to mention few high growth areas (related to our courses), which could be a wonderful choice for aspiring students – Graphic designing, Web Designing, SEO. These are the reasons why we call them ‘a great career choice’. Huge demand – Multimedia industry is going through an excellent growth phase all across the globe, while statistics reveal that India would be needing atleast 2,00,000 multimedia professionals in the next 2 years. Graphic designers, Web designers & SEO analysts are going to be in great demand in the forth coming years. Easy to learn – Graphic designing, Web designing & SEO courses are very easy to learn, unlike other software programs which involves heavy coding. These courses can be understood even by those who are not very familiar with computer programming and this is a big benefit for students without IT background. Excellent salary & growth opportunities – The starting salary can be in the range of 12-15k & it depends on the skill of the student & his choice of industry. The growth opportunities are excellent in this field, where most would climb the corporate ladder very fast to get a salary on par with their IT friends within 3 years. Freelance jobs – A big plus in choosing any of these fields could be that you can earn a substantial amount of money by doing freelance jobs after your work hours & during the week ends. There are so many foreign projects in Graphic designing, Web designing & SEO, which pays you by the hour and it can become a sizeable income for you, if you choose few right clients. Multiple Job Options – A course in these fields can throw open a lot of job openings for the students, from which he/she can select the best one. For instance, the choice of industry can be from eLearning, Print & Publishing, Web designing companies, Advertisement agencies, ePublishing, Web application development, Internet content providing companies & a lot more. All these are fast growing fields & the candidates can enjoy rapid professional growth alongside them. So, what are you waiting for? Pull up your socks & join the courses of Graphic design, Web design & SEO at the best institute in Chennai – Web D School....