“Android” has been the buzzword for entertainment for many youngsters over the years, but the word has taken a new dimension & it means another important thing today – Career. Lot of students are showing interest in learning Android app development & here are the 5 reasons why it’s an intelligent choice.

SIMPLE LEARNING CURVE – Android is open-source, which makes it easier to obtain and practice. Although it requires basic understanding of Java & Oops concept, Android app development has a simple learning curve when compared to a lot of other coding software. The duration to learn Android app development course would ideally be anywhere between 60-80 hours.
BACKING OF GOOGLE – Google is one of the biggest technology company in the world today & the top innovator in the web/mobile space. With the backing of such a technological giant, a career in Android app development appears a lot secure than many other top courses.

NUMEROUS JOB OPPORTUNITIES – The Android OS is growing phenomenally in the mobile domain & in the near future Android application development might ecome the most demanded and sought after operating system. The Android applications platform promises a vast job potential not just in the field of IT, but also in hardware solutions too.

EARLY BIRD ADVANTAGE – The job market for Android app development is gaining huge momentum, but there is a dearth of talent in the Android field. Very soon, in the near future, major companies will make a line looking for good Android development professionals. So, if someone is getting into the Android app development field today, they shall definitely have the ‘early bird’ advantage, where a lot of lucrative offers would come his/her way by the time he/she completes the course.

FREELANCE WORK REVENUE MODEL – During their free time or maybe in weekends, the android professionals can create their own apps & upload them in Google Playstore. Even if a small percentage of the Android users download your app, the revenue that comes your way could be very big. There are 2 ways to earn through apps – App download model or Ad revenue model. With so many devices using Android today, the chances of earning a sizeable income through your apps (provided they are good & unique) are very high.

So, for those who are planning to make a career in this great new domain, getting enrolled in a good training institute is very important as it will help them gather the requisite skills.